Fight the cold when you travel by van: Class b van cover

We like winter, we like the cold and at this time of year we try to travel as much as we can. If you go to the hotel, fighting the night cold is easy. But … and when are we going to sleep in the van and the temperature drops to 4 degrees? We know vans that avoid traveling at this time, because they don’t like the cold. Isn’t it that they haven’t prepared enough? In this post we are going to give you all the tricks we know to sleep warm in the van or motorhome while everything is frozen outside, we will share the importance of class b van covers to keep your van warm.

1: Arrive safely at your destination

As for the choice of destiny, we have nothing to say. What it is about is that you choose the destination that you want without thinking about the cold that you can pass. High mountain or whatever, that the cold does not discourage you. Take the vehicle in good condition (especially the tires), enough gasoline, food and water, chains, look at the weather forecasts, etc. Once you have reached your destination, it is time to sleep. That is when you must start making decisions that will make you go more or less cold.

2: Where to park the vehicle

No, it is not worth anywhere. If it’s going to be cold at night, you should choose a sheltered place. Although there is hardly any wind, a soft breeze barely noticeable will make your motorhome or van keep the heat much worse. It is not convenient for you to sleep in high places. It is better to choose valleys or depressions of the land. And it is best to be surrounded by trees that cover the wind. It is also a good option, in parking lots with many motor homes, stand next to each other to serve as windbreaks. But the best, no doubt, is to get into a grove. It is rare that you can take this into account, but do not lose sight of the East: if in the morning the sun sets you will thank you very much.

If you decide to go camping, the thing is usually easier, because they tend to be in sheltered places. But it is that in winter they close so many that that would limit you a lot the destinations to choose. Mostly we can’t find a garage or shelter while traveling, if you do not find a good place to park your van then class b van cover is the best option.

3: In which bed to sleep

If your motorhome or van has several beds and you can choose, surely there are colder and warmer. In the case of a van with a lifting roof in the beds above it passes much colder than in the beds below. In addition, stationary heating reaches the floor below much better than the one above.

The truth is that, even so, we always sleep upstairs, because in winter, with all the mess of clothes, coats, snowshoes and sledding, the van is very full, and clearing the bed below is a roll. If you travel with children, you probably want them to sleep in the hottest beds in your motor home.

4: Put covers for the lifting roof

If you sleep in a van with a lifting roof and lift it in winter, you have to get one. The elevating roof has a very thin, single layer fabric, with vents that are a horror in the middle of winter. The covers are, in our opinion, essential.

There are two types:

Inner cover

They are placed from the inside, they are a second layer for the lifting roof fabric. They isolate a lot from the cold and have the advantage that you can lower the roof with the cover on. We put it in the fall and do not remove it until spring. Do not think that the isolation is total, far from it. It’s one more measure, and it shows, but don’t expect to be hot just for that.

Outer sheath

This cover covers the entire lifting roof on the outside. The thermal insulation is greater and also protects from rain. It is possible to put both the interior and the exterior at the same time. But placing and removing it is a tedious thing and you cannot lower the roof with it on. We always carry it, but we only place it in case it is going to rain a lot.

5: Place blackouts, curtains and insulators

Sometimes we forget that something as simple as lowering the blinds of California isolates a lot. Place all the protection and insulation systems you have for the glass. Although they are not designed to cover the light, they will isolate you from the cold.

6: Turn on stationary heating

If you don’t have it, don’t get overwhelmed, you can sleep without it. With the first van we had, without stationary heating, there were nights when the 5 liter water bottle froze completely while we slept. And we survive Sometimes our face hurt a little because of the cold, but we covered ourselves and voila.

But it is also true that when we bought the new van we decided that the stationary heating was an extra that we were not going to give up. Also, if you sleep with young children it is almost essential. Visit for class b van covers of your choice and order online or on call. We offer some good quality class b van covers in market competitive prices.

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